I only read when my OCD kicks in

I enjoy reading, however, the bulk of reading only occurs while I am in an OCD focus zone. Last year I read over 70 books but I didn't pick up a book from August 2013 until March 25, 2014... I have already read 3 books this year!

Interview With the Vampire (The Vampire Chronicles)

Interview With The Vampire - Anne Rice A good read. Not a great read.
I flopped between a 3,4, or 5 star review. I wanted to give a 5 star review because of its significance to horror writing and to the billion dollar vampire and goth industry. This book was written in 1976 so it could very well be responsible for a generation of folks running around dressed in black, insane makeup, and getting drunk inside of graveyards.

Interview is crazy scary at times. but the part that has me wanting to give it a 3 star review is that quite a bit of the story appears to be repetitive stories. It was run, I listened to it mostly on audio and have to say it scared me enough to keep me from falling asleep.

I was left wanting more though, so in that sense it was not a great book and not one that I would ever read again.