I only read when my OCD kicks in

I enjoy reading, however, the bulk of reading only occurs while I am in an OCD focus zone. Last year I read over 70 books but I didn't pick up a book from August 2013 until March 25, 2014... I have already read 3 books this year!

Magnificent Obsession

Magnificent Obsession - Lloyd C. Douglas Magnificent Obsession is a story of interwoven lives, deeds done in secrecy, and love shared but not spoken. This is not a biblical story or a story that is designed as a bible teaching. It is purely a work of fiction and should be sought after only as such.

Summary: Bobby Merrick lives and Dr Hudson dies. There is to much to ruin in the story buy giving away more than that. Suffice to say that Dr. Hudson's death profoundly changes Bobby Merrick and for the betterment of the world! I can find no negatives about this book, the writing is exquisite and the plot line keeps the book in your hands.

Breakdown Review:
Storyline: I give 5 out of 5 stars Mesmerizing storyline.

Writing style: 5 out of 5 stars. Lloyd C. Douglas writing style has a type of cadence to it a sort of rhythm that makes it almost poetic at times.

Depth/Inspiration: 5 out of 5 stars. There are several spiritual undertones in the book that could be live changing to any individual that was willing to pursue them as did Bobby Merrick.

Entertainment/Education value: 5 out of 5 stars. This is one of the most entertaining books that I have read to date. If anyone gives this novel a low review it is because they picked up this novel to read for other than entertainment. This book isn't going to make you religious, increase your spiritual knowledge, and it certainly isn't going to change your religion.