I only read when my OCD kicks in

I enjoy reading, however, the bulk of reading only occurs while I am in an OCD focus zone. Last year I read over 70 books but I didn't pick up a book from August 2013 until March 25, 2014... I have already read 3 books this year!

Tune: Still Life

Tune: Still Life - Derek Kirk Kim Advanced Review Media provided by NetGalley

A second volume is the series Andy becomes a zoo exhibit for an alien race. Along the way he realizes that he has become duped and the Aliens aren't as smart as he would like for being able to lead the perfect life they sure have forgotten a few key ingredients.

Tune is an easy read, fun graphics, and witty dialogue. I am sure that every person that reads this will find there self relating to Andy in one way or another, as I suspect that is the author's intention. This is a more comedic interpretation of the Truman Show concept.

I would have preferred greater detail in the artwork, however, what we have is fine and fun.

Tune 2 has a blending of genres. Definitely science fiction and comedy. It is Honey Mooners meets 3rd Rock From the Sun.

I give the writing style 5 stars. Great dialogue, funny and to the point. It carries the story from page to page with wit and irony.
I give the creativity 4 stars. The story has been done before, however, it was done tastefully and unique enough to make for a great read.
5 stars to a believable story. Yes it is science fiction. Yes, it is comedy With that said, the story still reads as "This could happen to me."
5 stars to entertainment value. Clean enough for the most part to be able to read to kids and makes for some great night joint reading efforts with the spouse.

I look forward to more work from the author and will buy the actual book instead of a digital copy once it becomes available to the general public.