I only read when my OCD kicks in

I enjoy reading, however, the bulk of reading only occurs while I am in an OCD focus zone. Last year I read over 70 books but I didn't pick up a book from August 2013 until March 25, 2014... I have already read 3 books this year!

The Art of Racing in the Rain

The Art of Racing in the Rain - Garth Stein I finished the story as I walked home from work. I had tears rolling as well as a smile. Yes, Garth Stein is right... Enzo is right. The art of racing in the rain is about balance. We all have our spin outs, our near wall collisions that can take us out of the race. But if we do anticipate and focus;keep our wits about us instead of giving up.... you will be the one to win the race.

I loved the story, beautiful and finding symmetry in my own life just adds to the beauty of this story. Please take the time to read this story. If you are young it can can change your life. If you are old it will help you to look back with greater clarity.