I only read when my OCD kicks in

I enjoy reading, however, the bulk of reading only occurs while I am in an OCD focus zone. Last year I read over 70 books but I didn't pick up a book from August 2013 until March 25, 2014... I have already read 3 books this year!

The Hunchback Assignments

The Hunchback Assignments - Arthur Slade This book started off as a fantastically woven tale of mystery,steam punk, and fantasy. The middle of the book jumped ahead to fast for me. His first mentioned assignment turning out to be for Mr. Socrates just started pushing all of the wrong buttons. In the end the giant robot powered by children's anger was just beyond the genre of fantasy and rapidly entered the realm of stupidity.

For the sake of young adults I give it a 3 star review because for the most part I do believe that it was well written and I suppose makes a decent entry into the fantasy realm for new readers. I am hoping that Mr. Slade in the next episode slows down the story instead of rushing it to get it under 300 pages and also develops the steam punk world he has created with more elements of believe-ability instead of over the top science fiction/fantasy that is just not explained enough to make it realistic.

If this book was designed for an adult reader I wouldn't be nearly as kind.